5 Best Air Fryers in Pakistan With Prices

If there is one kitchen item that can help you reduce or even eliminate your daily intake of fried foods, it’s an air fryer. Using hot air and a small amount of oil to cook delicious, succulent foods, air fryers are fast becoming a household item in every kitchen. As their demand grows, more and more companies have started to manufacture them with advanced settings, etc. This, however, complicates the buying process. How to tell which air fryer is the best for you? Are expensive air fryers the best? We have already answered these questions in detail for you in these blogs:

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This blog is a continuation of our Air Fryer Series. Here, we will list the 5 best or popular air fryers for you in Pakistan along with their current prices. 

Philips Air Fryers

Among international brands, Philips is preferred by many for their home and kitchen appliances. Philips offers a variety of air fryers in Pakistan, varying in sizes, prices and settings. The company also offers warranty on some of its models. Philips claims that its air fryers generally use fat removal and rapid air technology to extract maximum fats, yet retaining the juices for maximum flavor. The Keep Warm mode in some Philips air fryers, keeps the food warm for up to 30 minutes. New Philips air fryers start at Rs.35,000 and go up to Rs.100,000+

Dawlance Air Fryers

Dawlance, a local brand, doesn’t offer a large variety of air fryers but its air fryers are popular in Pakistan. Currently, the company is offering two models:

  • DWAF 3013 AIr Fryer – This fryer, which is currently priced around Rs.27,000 is good for a small family. It has a cooking capacity of 3L and offers a variety of cooking and temperature control settings. Its basket is coated with a non-stick Teflon coating, which prevents the food from sticking. There is also a safety button which ensures the basket is properly placed in the drawer before the air fryer can be started. 
  • DWMC 3015 Multi Cooker – If you are looking for a Dawlance air fryer for a bigger family, this model might meet your needs. Priced around Rs.35,000, this Dawlance air fryer offers a variety of settings and features like LCD screen, dish-washer safe accessories, etc. The machine is also preset with 10 built-in programs, which means convenient and fast cooking. 

Haier Air Fryers

Like Dawlance, Haier doesn’t offer a variety of air fryers either, though the one it offers is popular in Pakistan. Haier HAF 40W claims to use 80% less oil during cooking and comes with a 1 year warranty. The fryer’s capacity is 4L, which means it’s good for a small family. Haier air fryer comes with a variety of functions like grill, fry, bake and roast. The machine also comes installed with a safety feature in which it automatically shuts down. This air fryer is available for an average price of Rs.28,000.

Anex Air Fryers

Anex currently offers two models – AG-2019 Air Fryer and AG-2020 Air Fryer. The only difference between the two seems to be wattage use with AG-2020 using 1,700 Watts, while the other model uses 1,400 Watts. Both come with a 2-year warranty. Like other air fryers, Anex air fryers also offer a variety of cooking and temperature settings for baking, roasting and grilling. Both models come with a safety feature that is a concealed heat pipe, which protects against overheating. Ainex air fryers are available for an average price of Rs.25,000.

Kenwood Air Fryers

Kenwood is a known British brand of home and kitchen appliances. The company currently offers two models of air fryers in Pakistan, namely:

  • HFP30.000BK – It’s priced around Rs.33,000.
  • HFP50.000 BK – It’s priced around Rs.36,000.

The company’s website isn’t clear about the differences between the two; however, both claim to use only 1,500 Watt, offer 5.5L capacity and consume less than 80% fat than traditional fryers, etc. Both air fryers come fitted with an overheating protection feature. If you buy a Kenwood air fryer, it would come with a recipe book. 

To conclude, local brands do not offer variety when it comes to air fryers, though their limited models offer a variety of settings, which international brands offer. Locally manufactured air fryers are also economical and therefore popular in Pakistan. With the exception of Philips, all other popular brands in Pakistan are competitively priced and offer similar, if not same, features. So, your buying decision would really depend on your budget. 
The end. We hope you found this blog informative and helpful. If these air fryers are out of your budget, do check out the used air fryers on OLX Pakistan.