Good Teachers always build strong Nations as they inspire students’ minds to think, hands to create and teach hearts to love. So, we can say education is incomplete without good teachers.The best teachers in the world are those who motivate, encourage and ignite the habit of self-studying among the students so that they may differentiate between right and wrong. They are also considered the spiritual parents of the students to help them lift the status of the country by imparting them the best education.

No one holds such high place and esteem in students’ hearts after their parents but teachers. Because they teach them how to become good and responsible citizens in every aspect of life.They always play an important role in students’ lives to make them prosperous and successful. This kind impression of teachers leaves many deep positive effects on students’ hearts and lives and they always remember them in their prayers. Robert Frost once said,”I am not a Teacher but an awakener”. Teachers consider students an important asset to change their and country’s fortune.

Teachers produce leaders, politicians, successful Businessmen, Honorable judges to rule the world. They consider students’ problems as their own and solve them without making any demand in return. Just imagine, what would happen if we do not find teachers in our educational institutions for one day. All world educational institutions would be closed and without teachers, students would have no class. In this way,Education would be orphaned without teachers.

Each year, International Teachers Day is observed on 5th October across the world. It is extremely disheartening to see that we do not celebrate this day with so much zeal and zest to express our deep and kind feelings to our teachers who make us beautiful in every possible way and are equally responsible for changing our lives and making our future better. It is the teachers only who nourish and explore the hidden qualities of students. There are many hard working, dedicated and passionate teachers who teach with their heart and soul, sacrificing their families’ fun time just to prepare notes/lectures for their students. There are also few teachers who sacrifice their whole-self for their students to make them best students.

I have seen many teachers who go to great lengths to satisfy them when they raise questions without being any relation to the subject. I think we should not wait for the whole year for this day to celebrate to express our feelings for our teachers. Teachers are the Holy Angels who burn themselves to ignite the world. In short, Everyday is a Teachers’ Day because each day is a gift and blessing from Allah .

Robert John Meehan, an Education Consultant and Motivation Specialist once said,”We are not “just” Teachers,we are managers of the world’s greatest resource:”Children”.

I am truly inspired and like Hindu tradition in which young children bend down to take blessings from their elders.
I think parents and teachers are sublime entities and only embracing them is not enough to give them the proper respect because they really deserve something more.

In real words, believe me, neither can we forget our teachers’ favors to our lives nor can we express our kind feelings to them.The least thing we can do is to bend down and touch their feet to take blessings.

  • Hamza Malick is a petit-maître and has a Master degree in Education. He takes great interest in writing articles. He can be reached at

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