Pakistan possesses important geographic location in globe. Its socio-economic and geo-strategic aspects are worth considering by every other state especially by any likely or already a prevailing super power. In the west, it shares a long border of about 2400km & 900km with Afghanistan and Iran respectively. Unfortunately, this side of border has been victim of continuous warfare since decades. Pakistan has suffered a lot because of these wars. Any conflict around this border has direct implications for Pakistan.

Starting from cold war, a huge problem of refugees was faced by Pakistan, a country with already an extensive range of population and ranks 6th in the world. Three decades have been passed since the war ended but the refugee problem in Pakistan is still unresolved and impacting our economy heavily.

India once again is stooping so low and threatening to launch another strike inside Pakistan, knowing the fact that previously PAF downed its jets with indigenously manufactured JF-17 thunder jets and captured her pilot who was sent back as a goodwill gesture. Pakistan is undoubtedly a changed state which owns sophisticated weaponry.

In 2001, war on terror launches and Pakistan had to join it again on the same border but this time its impacts were beyond our expectations. Terrorism spread all across Pakistan, no public place could evade terrorist activities. Instability on this border concerns our security forces and common man.

Whenever chaos starts spreading on our western border, India getting most of the situation starts shelling. Right after 9/11 when war on terror began, Pakistan and India came on the brink of war. Same condition prevailed in 2008 when operation Zarb e Azb was approaching to its logical conclusion on western border, drama of surgical strike was put on the record by India without giving any tenable proofs.

As US was, and of course is, planning to withdraw from Afghanistan and Pakistan was facilitating the peace process between US and Taliban, right at the same time, India violated Pakistani airspace to attack so called terrorist camp (without proof as usual) and again both countries were on the brink of an all-out war.

People attached hopes and positive vibes with 2020 but its initiation was no different. We entered into new year with global apprehensions of a direct conflict between US & Iran with twitter showing top trend #WW3. We share our western border with Iran hence any such conflict could have serious repercussions for Pakistan if not for the world as a whole.

Once again, India stooped so low that its army head threatened Pakistan of launching another strike inside Pakistan, knowing the fact that previously Pakistan downed its two jets with indigenously manufactured JF-17 thunder jets. Pakistan undoubtedly a changed state which owns sophisticated weaponry.

Whether it is a routine threat or a serious one, we must prepare for everything as a nation. Our forces are prepared and showed their preparedness in late February last year. India can still indulge into another drama to divert their people’s attention from their internal violence. LOC has always been vulnerable in any Indo-Pak conflict and this time would be no different if conflict rolls out.

In the 21st century, proxy wars have replaced the conventional wars. To flow with the trend, India has activated its proxies in Pakistan through Afghanistan of which Kulbhushan Yadav is a living proof. India has used its proxies against Pakistan, especially in Baluchistan to destabilize an already war affected area of Pakistan.

Following US-Iran conflict, if it happened, India may activate its proxies in Pakistan again strenuously but this time it will be difficult for India to do this as Pakistan is keeping a close eye on any new conflict on western border without taking sides and is preparing to evade its effects, as far as possible, coming from any angle in any form.