5 Reasons You Should Make Carpooling a Practice

With the increase in traffic, air pollution and the price of petrol, driving a vehicle is not less than a hassle. In most countries, carpooling has now become a common practice. People choose to carpool due to multiple reasons but mainly to save money. 

Pakistan is home to some of the most polluted cities in the world. In addition, the cost of owning a car in Pakistan in 2022 has gone astronomically high. On average, the Big Three – Suzuki, Toyota and Honda have increased the prices of their lineup by at least 32%; Hyundai has jacked up its vehicle prices by at least 20%, while Kia has increased its prices by 23%. Now factor in the cost of petrol. In 2022, the price of petrol per litre went up by at least 48%.

Along with saving money, there are multiple benefits of making carpooling a practice. To help you out, we have discussed some of these in this guide.

But before we move on to that, let’s see what carpooling really is. 

What is Carpooling?

Carpooling is an arrangement where multiple people share a vehicle to go to work, college, office, etc. This eliminates the need for multiple people driving in separate vehicles. People carpool to drop children off to school as well. 


Now you must be thinking why carpooling is important. Here are some reasons why: 

Advantages of Carpooling

Following are some of the advantages of carpooling:

Save Money

One of the benefits that you get when using a carpool service is that you save a lot of money. If you travel alone, you will be responsible for the maintenance of your car, petrol cost, parking expenses, etc. But if you share your ride with someone, all of these expenses will be divided. 

This saves you a lot of money that you can spend on something else. 

Good Way to Socialize

Carpooling is a good way to socialize. Since you share your ride with people, you talk to them and make new acquaintances. This is helpful especially when you are traveling with your colleagues or neighbors.

Saving The Environment

Carpooling also plays an essential role in helping you save the environment. It reduces your carbon footprint and lessens the amount of greenhouse gasses emitted in the atmosphere. 


It Provides Convenience

Carpooling has several advantages and one of them is that it provides convenience. If you are not driving, you get plenty of time on your hands that you can use smartly. You can prepare a presentation, eat breakfast, plan your day, talk to someone, watch something, etc. 

Less Lazing Around

When you are traveling alone, you tend to be lazy. You know that you can hit the snooze button and sleep for another 5 minutes which may turn into 30 minutes or more. But when you know that you have to pick up your carpool partner at a pre-decided time, there are chances that you would not be lazy and wake up on time. 

How to Post a Carpool Ad on OLX?

If you want a carpool partner for yourself, you can post an ad on OLX Pakistan. Follow the steps given below:

Mobile Users

Step 1: Open the app and click on the sell button

Step 2: Click on Services

Step 3: Go to Drivers & Taxi

Step 4: Click on Carpool and post an ad.

Web Users

Web users should also follow the steps mentioned above.

Along with this, there are a few carpool services ads posted on the website already. Have a look at them and see if you are able to crack a deal for yourself.

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