Hats off to our education system. It is working like factories to generate robots of certain mindsets without sufficient flare of critical thinking, unbiased analysis, and broader visions. Consequently, the youth fails to bear the brunt of real-life challenges. This is the point where private investors come forward in the name of careers, tuitions, and competitions.

“Our institution has earned a profit of almost 70 million rupees in the previous year of 2019”, an official of a reputable academy told on the condition of not revealing his name.

Innocent youth of far off areas shifts to the major cities to make their dreams come true. Here, in big cities, they find themselves wretched in the false slogans of bright futures. These jingles make them easy prey for financial monsters in the name of preparatory classes and competitive exams.

Academies are minting money by attributing success of successful candidates in competitive exams to their own self. Taking part in CSS and PMS has become a intricate because competition is too high (Oxford grads competing with those who finished degrees from public institutions far away from cities in Pakistan) and ceaseless confusion spread by academies.

In fact, competitive exams like CSS or PMS comply with educational standards. So, a student who has passed sixteen years of education is supposed to be ready to attempt any of this exam. Contrarily, after completing sixteen years of education, students realize that they should go to improve their English language and composition. Of course, it is the drastic failure of our education system, institutions, and policies.

“Had the students been trained well in all the compulsory subjects during their formal education, they would have turned down the catchy proposals of fraudulent academies”, a CSS aspirant Saif-Ullah revealed the bitter truth.

Verily, when the educational institutes fail to make an appropriate base of students’ learning, they will have no choice to break their bank for the sake of a bright future. So, it is the need of the hour to change the way our educational institutes work.

“We noticed, the students from elite-class educational systems beat us in every walk of life, let alone the competitive exams. The reason is clear; they had been taught well”, another CSS aspirant Bushra Abdullah pointed out.

The elite-class educational system is beyond the reach of the majority in Pakistan. So, most of the students, graduated from so-called state educational institutions, has to bear the expenses of private academies. Still, they have no surety of achieving the target for what they are struggling with. It is an alarming situation for the state as youth is confused and hijacked by some notorious mantras.

On the other hand, disappointedly, there is no proper decorum of career counseling. Literally, our education system teaches a fish that how to fly or a lion that how to crawl. Lack of apt counseling is leading the nation to spoil the actual talent. A student with exceptional teaching flare is compelled to pass the competitive exam just for the sake of status-quo.

How come a student has to bear the cost of an arm and a leg for career selection even after the completion of his/her sixteen years of education? Where does the fault lie? Does the education system accept its failure or the competitive exams authorities are expecting more than the potential of youth? There is certainly something wrong which needs to be dealt with seriously. Otherwise, students would be hijacked even with the greater ratio as of now.

Moreover, students should rely on their insights and knowledge rather than aimlessly visiting academies and spending a lot of money for no reason. They can find all instructions, past papers, and even guidelines from dedicated portals. They should spend their hard-earned money wisely.