Coronavirus is affecting the more than 190 countries on a large scale. A total of 468,644 cases have been registered who contracted coronavirus. More than 22,000 patient have lost their lives.  WHO has enforced Global Health Emergency after weighing the crippled condition with some precautionary measures to avoid contracting the COVID-19.

Many countries have introduced and implemented some legal orders to stop international traveling, refugees, immigration and limited public movements such as Malaysia, Italy, France, and many other countries. Many countries are under lockdown such as the UK, India, Iran, Pakistan, and some states of the United States of America and many other countries where the virus is spreading at a great pace.

Governments are trying their best to perform their role to minimize the expected health risk in the womb of time. But the public in developing countries is not much organized to adhere to the warnings and precautionary measures of self-isolation of governments.

In particular, Pakistanis are proving that they are so immature that they don’t know the worth of life. They don’t know what is good and what is bad as their social behavior is threatening the entire population.

The societal attitude of the public is very pathetic and awful. People are not paying heed to the preventive measures to save themselves from coronavirus, rather they have made it a source of amusement and fun for themselves that is posing a great threat to the rest of the world in a wider spectrum.

In particular, Pakistanis are proving that they are so immature that they don’t know the worth of life. They don’t know what is good and what is bad as their social behavior is threatening the entire population. They actually know that they are standing on the verge of chaos but in spite of all that, they are showing a very no serious attitude towards this virus. They can be found of arranging marriages, gatherings and creating crowding situations for fun.

Many people rush out of cities for the purpose of picnic enjoyment of emergency vacations. That is the reason, provincial governments had to call for lockdown by calling army. The same scenario can be weigh-in India and some other parts of Africa.

Initially, this virus spread from China but the Chinese public followed their government and got rid of this fatal virus. The country from which this virus is actually produced is now free from this lethal virus but Pakistan is facing a huge loss of lives and economy due to this coronavirus. It is all because people are stubborn and are showing a childish attitude towards this challenge.

Some people started making memes about coronavirus. This meme-making acting affected the minds of a lot of people. People are taking the virus so easily. That’s why; they are not creating social distance. They are arranging their personal parties just because the restaurants are closed. They don’t know what damage they can cause for the country. They are taking this issue on a lighter note. But it should be taken on a very serious note.

Moreover, if we further talk about this non-serious attitude, the social media public poses a grave threat to the serious attitude of the public. TikTok and Facebook can be quoted. People are making funny TikTok about the coronavirus. These videos are viewed by millions of people and cause negative vibes. Police is playing its role in creating social distance but people are not cooperating at all. They are not taking the concept of isolation seriously.

The government announced lockdown in Punjab on 23rd March. It was a very bold step taken by the government but again people taunted the government. They are not ready for the lockdown which is purely for the safety of people. It is clear that the government alone can’t stop this fatal outbreak of coronavirus. People should also cooperate with the government. Otherwise, everyone will regret and repent.

“It is of no use to cry over spilt milk.”

On 23rd March, 1940, we want a country but now on 23rd March 2020, we want a ‘Safe Nation’. So be a nation. Show a positive response towards government advice to save yourself and your country.

What you have to do is just simply create social distance. Maintain a distance of at least  meter with everyone who is coughing or sneezing. Stay at home because it is better than staying at the hospital.