When we are at home, bound by coronavirus outbreak, it is time to indulge into personal activities. It is basically time to focus on one’s own personal growth. Let us spend time in the best possible way and take the opportunity to invest time on our own self. This was unusual in pre-coronavirus period.

The best way is to utilize time in such a way that will boost-up the skills and will result in making us a better person than we were in past. There is a need to take break from the updates of news we are constantly seeing because mental health is affected by viewing something that’s depressing continuously, when we are at home we should involve new things in our routine to keep ourselves busy, new things like in  cooking should be tried, personal development tasks, relaxing things, and tasks of brainstorming to be set in routine, organize accordingly and implementing them.


Self-care is needed for sound mind and body as it re-energies the productiveness in us. It helps in becoming less stressful, your mental peace and health will improve, you are more positive even in dealing with the negative situations, your concentration and focus starts increasing which helps in aiming towards main goal, your self-awareness improves, anxiety and depression and anger all starts disappearing, less risk of heart and other diseases are observed.

Skill development

By learning new things your brain becomes more active and we are able to learn many things quickly.Learning new skills makes us smarter and we can easily achieve our professional goal and at the same time we become more productive by polishing us.

Book reading

By reading more books, we are connected to the thing which is self-investment. We are learning and exploring new world in every book, books are the best friends too, new concepts are developed and old ones are made clear through reading. There is a diversity of benefits we get from this habit of reading books in both our professional life by good vocabulary and personal growth.

Online learning

Through taking online courses via different sites which are offering under their platform we can get a certified program that helps us in educational career as well as professional by having certificates of diverse courses by different universities. It helps a lot in life, we can also improve our knowledge through learning general knowledge and solve puzzles through which our mind is refreshed.

Watch favorite shows

When we’re tired, we should see something of our interest because it relaxes mind and body and we are then able to work again actively. This relax time and visual therapy adds up to refresh us in many ways, and shows including comedy are much involving in controlling mood swings because whatever we are seeing will impact us according to the time and intentions, we are giving to it emotionally and mentally.