What people think about leaving this mortal world and then regretting the mistakes they made in their lives is important. Important because a person is leaving this world, but he also leaves with a bundle of remorse on his shoulders. On his deathbed, he remembers all the thirsty desires and wishes that remained forever stuck in this person’s chest. Because their fulfillment was not possible and the time of death came.

Bronnie Ware, an Australian author, musician, and motivational speaker, also wrote a regular book, Top Five Regrets of the Dying, about what people regret on their deathbed. This book is still at its peak of popularity. What is special about the book is that the author has covered the last events and unfulfilled wishes of all the patients on their death bed and they have been working as a medical staff in a hospital.

The dying people first think that they wish they could live longer for themselves, fulfill their dreams, and think only of themselves. They must have thought that they spent their lives trying to please others and forget about their happiness.

In the last days of your life, you stop worrying about how much your bank balance is. How much of your inheritance is left? Or you want to build a house. At the moment, the only focus of your thoughts is on the people who make your life happier and add to your little joys. So people who leave this world think otherwise.

People on their deathbed always wish they didn’t work too much and give time to their families. Express their feelings, especially positive feelings for their loved ones. Tell your children how much they loved them, how loyal they were to their wives, or how submissive they were to their parents. This is the third thing that makes them cry until they die.

Friends are very important in human life after close relatives. This relationship is maintained through communication because sincerity is a condition in a friendship relationship. But the deceased always regrets that he did not make any contact with his friends during business or job engagements, did not even inquire about their condition and in his heart when he is leaving this world. This khalsh (خلش) is left.

The fifth and last regret is why I was not happy in these few days of life. Why I made my life and happiness dependent on others. Why I was upset in unfavorable circumstances and the situation took over. This is true in the sense that most of the time we can’t control the situation, but we can respond better about happiness, hate, love. That is why being happy and being happy for what we have is the most important thing.

In addition to all these things, there are some things that we have to take care of now. One is to live in the present age and give importance to the present moment. Don’t take anyone’s love for granted, whether it’s older siblings, teachers, spouses, parents, or friends, always have a relationship with them.

Enjoy the scenery. Never mind what people think of you. In this regard, always remember that even after the death of someone, people say, ‘If you die today, tomorrow will be another day’, that is, if someone leaves, the work of this world will not end, but regrets will surely arise in you. Enjoy the scenery. Never mind what people think of you. So try to achieve your desires, be happy but do not make your desires a necessity. That’s a success.

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  • Author has graduated in Mass Communication from Punjab University. She has worked for Daily Jang and Aaj News TV and is currently working as an administrator in FBR, Islamabad.

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