In a recent development, the special court handling the Jinnah House attack and arson case was forced to delay the request for physical remand of Dr. Yasmin Rashid due to her deteriorating health condition.

The court hearing took place on Thursday and was presided over by anti-terrorism court admin Judge Abhar Gul Khan.

During the hearing, the court was presented with the medical report of Dr. Yasmin Rashid, who is a suspect in the Jinnah House attack and arson case.

The report was brought before the court by Dr. Ehtisham, the Medical Superintendent of Services Hospital. According to the medical report, Dr. Yasmin Rashid’s blood pressure is not being effectively controlled, and her life could be at risk if the situation persists.

When asked about the expected recovery time for Dr. Yasmin Rashid, the attending doctor stated that it is difficult to provide a definitive timeframe. It could take anywhere from two days to a week for her to recover fully.

However, the government lawyer argued in court, suggesting that high blood pressure is not a significant health concern and accused Dr Yasmin Rashid of using her illness as an excuse to avoid physical remand.