Federal Minister for Communications and Postal Services Murad Saeed inaugurated ‘E-Commerce facility at the Pakistan Post on Saturday.

The minister, on the occasion, expressed his confidence in the E-Commerce facility and said this initiative would lead the department towards financial prosperity.

Meanwhile, Director General Pakistan Post Dr Naseer Ahmed told APP that the Pakistan Post had the capacity to deliver to online vendors for their cash on delivery products with proof of delivery and prompt reconciliation of their payments.

“Many international web portal operators have shown their interest to enter into Pakistan market with Pakistan Post as their delivery partner,” he said while talking to the state news agency. He said that the future initiatives of Pakistan, which would be compatible with the contemporary needs of today, would include an entry into the E-Commerce business.

German envoy praises Pakistan Post’s ‘reliable, fast service’

On January 28, German Ambassador Martin Kobler lauded the Pakistan Post for its “reliable and fast postal services”.

“Great to hear that Pakistan Post has become reliable and delivers fast now,” he spoke out on Twitter.

Kobler added that he had sent a gift to his family in Berlin, the German capital city, for Rs200 as postal charges.

The German envoy said he was pleased that they had received it in seven days.