iPhone Buying Guide: Myth-Busting and Other Useful Information to Avoid Scams

Are you planning on buying an iPhone? Wait! Read these essential tips first to avoid landing into a scam or buying something you would come to regret later. Here, you will also find useful myth-busting information when buying iPhones. 

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So, here goes.

Does It Matter Which iPhone Variant You Buy? 

Short answer is NO. All variants are the same. Though there is one exception. If you are planning on buying the HK variant which comes with Dual SIM facility, it will cost you more. 

How To Check PTA Status and IMEI of iPhone? 

Simply read this short blog: How to register a phone with PTA? And find the status of the iPhone you are about to purchase. Here you will find all the information you would need to know about the phone’s PTA status and how to extract its IMEI number. 

What To Look For When Buying An iPhone?

  1. Check touch camera LED
  2. Is the phone water pack? 
    • Take out the SIM jacket. Blow air in it and look for any possible leakage. 
    • Look for any misalignment. If the borders are perfectly aligned, you should go for that phone.
  3. The phone’s battery health does not matter. Batteries can be replaced. Their health can be boosted, etc.  

How To Tell If The iPhone Is Repaired?

  1. Go to General
  2. Go to About
  3. Look for the Model Number
  4. If the Model Number is M or N, the phone is not repaired or refurbished. 
  5. If the Model Number is F – the phone is repaired or refurbished. Avoid buying that phone. 

How To Tell If The iPhone’s Screen is Original?

  1. Place the phone horizontally on a table
  2. Make sure the screen does not have a protector
  3. Drop few drops of water on the screen
  4. If the drops stay on the screen in the drop form and do not spread, the phone’s screen is original.

Which iPhone Is The Best to Buy?

All iPhone models and variants are good to buy. It all depends on your budget. 

Whether To Buy Box Pack Or From The Lot?

Both are equally good though boxed iPhones would be Rs.30,000 to Rs.40,000 more expensive. Box packed phones will depreciate faster than imported or phones bought from the lot. 

What Is The Current PTA Tax on iPhones?

This tax continues to change. Below you’ll find the latest PTA tax on iPhones. 

Whether To Buy PTA Or Non PTA iPhone? 

Both are good. If you’re on a tight budget then buy non-PTA. It is very easy to pay your iPhone’s PTA tax. 

This is it. We hope you found this short and quick guide on how to buy an iPhone useful. 

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