10 Things To Look For When Buying A Washing Machine In Pakistan

If you are about to buy a new washing machine, it’s likely that you’d be won over by its brand, price or review. Simply put, you’d buy the machine because you can afford it, you have a preference for its brand or a friend of yours has recommended it. What if we were to tell you that this is not the smart way to buy a new washing machine in Pakistan. That there are numerous other factors you should seriously consider to get the most out of your washing machine.

In this blog, we will lay down those important things that you must consider before making your final purchase. If you disagree with our recommendations or would like to add more to the list, please feel free to comment. 

So, here goes. 

Electricity Consumption

Electricity tariff keeps going up in Pakistan and unless you have a cheap external source of electricity like solar panels, etc., you should always go for a machine which consumes the least amount of electricity. 

Like Inverter Air Conditioners, there are Inverter washing machines, which cost more than others but would save you money in the long run. You can find these washing machines made by both local and international brands. If you are interested in knowing their prices, check out their listings on OLX Pakistan.  

Size and Dimensions

Before heading to the market, measure the dimensions of the area where you’ll be getting your new machine fixed. While measuring keep under consideration that there must be some empty space around the machine. This is good for ventilation as well as noise. Also, the machine you are about to buy, is it front or top load? You need to know this in advance to have enough free space either in front or top of it. 

Front Or Top Load

Did you know that front load washing machines offer better cleaning results? Also, they are ideal if you have a tight space. On the other hand, if you are looking for convenience, to not be able to bend, go for a top load machine. No matter which design you choose, just do not overlook this very important factor. 


If you have decided to get a front load washer due to lack of space then the next thing you need to consider is whether you can stack your washer and dryer on top of each other. Both machines need to be compatible. Also, you may need to make a purchase of a stacking kit. So, factor that into your budget. 


Having a lot of buttons or options on your dial isn’t necessarily a great thing. Yes, you need enough settings and cycles but a lot of settings options often go unused. So, only get what you actually need.

What options should you look for?

  • Eco – If you want to save on electricity bill
  • Extra rinse – If you have a sensitive skin
  • Steam – If you value sanitization
  • Quick wash – If you’re short of time and quickly want to wash your clothes, etc.

Spin Speed

Speaking of options, when it comes to spin speed, you need to have a good range as both low and high spin speeds have their benefits. For example, a low spin speed is ideal for delicate fabrics, while high spin speed is good for removing water from your clothes, which means you’ll have to use less dryer. 

Smart Features

Like smartphones, some washing machines have become smart too. If you prefer such machines over more conventional machines then you can pair them with your mobile phone and operate them. You may be required to download an app for this purpose. Through this app, you can remote start the machine, select a cycle, monitor energy consumption, etc. 

Auto Dose

Speaking of smart washing machines, some are smart enough to calculate how much detergent is needed based on load size, etc. With this option, you can stop wasting or overusing detergent, which will help you save money in the long run. 


This factor may not be very high on your list but it’s still important especially if you live in a confined space. A washing machine can make a lot of noise especially during the final stages of the spinning cycle. Many local and international washing machine brands offer models which are fitted with “quiet technology”. Machines with DD Motors produce less vibration and minimal decibel noise. 


If you have a bigger family, you’d need a bigger machine, it goes without saying. The capacity of a washing machine essentially means the size of its drum. This factor is also important since if you buy a smaller machine than what is required, you’d be using it more often, which adds to your electricity and water bills. Also, the more it runs, the more its wear and tear. 

One of the best ways to figure out which machine size to buy is to look at the following table:

Washing Machine Size (Kg) Family Size
6 – 7 Family of 2 – 6
7 – 10 Family of 6 – 8+

This is an estimate and you should take a look at the drum sizes if buying a washing machine in person. 

These were the 10 very important factors to consider when buying a washing machine. We hope you found this quick and easy to follow guide helpful. 

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