How To Make Your Birthday Memorable

Validation – The desire to seek someone else’s approval with what you say, believe or do. 

As humans, most of us have the tendency to overlook our own happiness. We tend to focus on what makes others happy and forget about our own self. 

While making others happy is a great quality to have, it is still important to focus on your happy moments too. Birthdays are a special time of the year, especially if it is your own birthday. Even though you may not want to go above and beyond, giving yourself some special treatment on your birthday is always worth it. 

To give you some tips on how you can make your birthday special, we have a few ideas listed below:

Check Something Off Your Bucket List

Your bucket list is not going to check off itself, you will have to do it!


There is no pressure on you to check your wish off of your bucket list on your birthday, but if you do so, you will remember it for the rest of your life. You will also feel a sense of accomplishment and excitement. 

Give Yourself a Treat

Giving yourself a treat on your birthday could involve anything. You can do absolutely anything that you like. From enjoying a spa day to spending time with your loved ones to skipping a day at work, do anything that makes you happy.


While some people like to enjoy some me time on their birthday, others tend to spend more time with their families as a way to treat themselves. 

Book Yourself a Ticket To Your Favorite Place

Some people like to take some time off from their monotonous routine as a way to celebrate their special day. If you are one of those, you can have a short getaway planned for yourself. 


While some people like to go to nearby spots or a one-day trip, others prefer to explore new countries. If you are someone who would like to visit some other country, you can use the visa services listed on OLX Pakistan’s website and choose a destination of your choice. 

Cook Your Favorite Meal

Another thing that you can do to make yourself feel special is cook your favorite dish for yourself. It could be anything that you may be craving for too long. You can choose to have a nicely presented meal by yourself or enjoy it with your friends and family. 


Give Yourself a Gift

Want to buy yourself your favorite thing for a long time? Your birthday is the perfect time to do it. 


It could be anything – from a watch to a pair of shoes to any gym equipment, or gym membership, get yourself anything that you have been longing for a long time. 

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Decorate the House

Birthday party decorations are a major mood booster for some people. 


We are not asking you to go above and beyond, but decorating your house or your room for yourself would be fun. You can buy a bunch of balloons for yourself or get a bouquet of flowers. 

Some people keep wondering how to decorate their room for their birthday and this is where they get confused. Try to keep it simple and do whatever makes you happy. 

Spend Your Day Doing Nothing

Spend your day by doing absolutely nothing. Dedicate this day to doing something which you had been wanting to do for a long time but didn’t find the time for. It could be anything – from watching your favorite tv show to reading your favorite book. 


You could just lay on the couch and spend time with your family as well.

Go Out With Your Friends

Plan a full day out with your friends and do what makes all of you happy. You can stay-in and watch a movie or cook food or you can choose to go out at a fancy restaurant and enjoy a hearty meal.


Some people also love to relive their childhood or experience adventurous things. 

Take a Day Off

When was the last time you didn’t feel the burden of responsibilities? Chances are that most of you wouldn’t remember.


If you have a vacation available, your birthday is the day to avail it. It will help you relax and will also give you enough time to enjoy your day. 

Dress Up

No matter if you are spending the day with yourself or with someone else, it always feels good to get out of your usual, routine clothes. 


Wear a nice outfit and pair it with matching accessories. On the other hand, if you are someone who is used to being dressed up all the time, try wearing something that is comfortable.

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That is about it!

These are some of the ideas that we think would help you make your birthday memorable. If you have any other ideas, do share them with us in the comments section below.

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