Tips and Tricks to Save on Energy and Utility Bills in Pakistan

The cost of everything has gone up due to inflation. The same is the case with utility bills as we have suffered from sharp increases in the prices of electricity. It is the reason why many search for how to reduce electricity bill in summer or how to lower energy bills. 

It has become important for every household to save on energy bills. But how to do it is a common question. Many think of reducing consumption but do you know that you can use technology to reduce your electricity bills without even reducing consumption? 

We are here to help you save not only on electricity bills but also the gas and water bills. 

Let’s start with the ways to reduce electricity bills. 

Ways to Lower the Electricity Bill

If you are looking for the answer of how to save electricity or how to lower electric bill in summer, it is the right place. Here are some useful ways by which you can save money on electricity bills. 

Use Solar Panels

Solar Panels are the first devices that strike our minds when we talk about saving on electricity bills. Well! You will have to invest in them one time but you will save money on bills depending upon your consumption and the size of the solar panel system. You can buy a Solar Panel System for a partial or full load of your home. There are different types of solar panel systems to choose from like Off-Grid, On-Grid / net metering systems, and Hybrid. It is among the best ways to lower electricity bills in summer as well as all other seasons.

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Smart Bulbs

The world is shifting towards smart appliances not only because they are cool to operate but also because they are more efficient. Bulbs are among the most common and used electric devices in our houses as they are everywhere in our homes. Buying smart bulbs can help you save money as you can turn them off from anywhere without needing to go to the switchboard. These bulbs can be operated via different apps on smartphones (both Android and IOS).

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There are many smart bulbs which come with motion and infrared sensors. They turn on when they sense a person or motion and automatically turn off when no one is there. These types of smart lights save a lot and can reduce a decent amount of electricity bills. 

Instant Electric Geyser / Water Heater

If your area has a gas shortage and you need to choose an efficient electric geyser for your home, buy an instant electric geyser. It comes with a little storage capacity which means it only heats the water needed at a time. Due to this, it is more efficient as compared to a storage water heater. Storage geysers consume way more energy as they need to heat large amounts of water which result in more electricity bills. 

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Use Inverter AC

Inverter technology has been a great blessing for people. An inverter AC can save up to 60-70 % of energy compared to traditional ACs. Using AC in the summer is one of the main causes of high electricity bills. So, you need to buy an inverter air conditioner to reduce your electricity bill. Using inverter AC is among the best ways to save electricity and lower your electric bill in summer.


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Inverter Refrigerators are Efficient

Just like inverter air conditioners, Inverter fridges are also pretty useful for saving money on electricity bills as they are more energy efficient. As refrigerators run 360 days a year, Imagine how much you can save on electricity by replacing the conventional fridge with an inverter refrigerator.

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Efficient UPS is Important

A UPS is one of the appliances which are used in almost every house in Pakistan. You will find many locally made or even some branded UPS which have some fault and are less efficient (energy loss is higher). If a UPS is faulty, it consumes more energy to charge a battery. As they constantly charge the batteries 360 days a year, you need to get them inspected once or twice a year. If found faulty, get it repaired immediately or buy another UPS.


The same is the case with UPS batteries. If they are faulty, they will need more electricity to get charged resulting in increased bills. So, their checkup and maintenance are essential once or twice a year.

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Ways to Reduce Gas Bill at Home

Now you know how to reduce electricity bills in Pakistan, it is time to get some ideas about ways to reduce gas bills (especially in winter). 

Block Air Leaks

Blocking every hole from which air leaks from the room can help you save gas when you are using a gas heater in the room. Wondering how is it possible? Well! If you block air from leaking out of the room, the heater will take less time to warm up the room. Due to this, you can turn it off sooner compared to the situation when you don’t block the airflow. 


Don’t leave the gas heater turned on for long periods as the combustion process converts oxygen into carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. If the concentration of these gasses is above the safe level in your room, it can be dangerous or even deadly for your health. So, you can block air leaks but also ensure you turn off the gas heater after a short period to avoid any danger.

This advice is also applicable if you have an electric heater or inverter AC for heating the room.

Get a Good Quality Stove / Burner

Do you know that the quality of a stove burner can impact the temperature of its flame? If you have a low-quality stove or burner, there are higher chances that it is producing flames at a lower temperature. So, buy a high-standard stove or burner as the flame it will produce will have a higher temperature that will lead to less gas consumption.


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Proper Maintenance

Proper maintenance of appliances like a geyser, heaters, stoves, gas ovens, etc. is important to reduce the consumption of gas. If you leave them without maintenance for long periods, there will be a blockage in their burners. Due to this, the flame quality will be affected and more gas will be used for heating. So, proper maintenance is essential to lower your gas bill. 

You can also take this tip for electric appliances. Without proper maintenance, electric devices will lose their efficiency. As a result, they will consume more electricity for the same output. 

Insulate Your Home

We all use heaters in our houses to protect ourselves from chilling temperatures outside. Its efficiency can be increased if you have insulators in the roof and walls. Different types of panels are available that you can attach to your room walls. Also, there are many insulation materials, especially panels which you can get installed on your roof. As a result, the heater will quickly heat the room and the heat it produces will last longer due to insulation. 


Ways to Reduce Water Bill at Home

We know how to reduce electricity and gas bills. Now is the time to learn tricks to reduce the water bill at home. Saving water will not only save you money but you will also contribute to saving an important and depleting resource for future generations.

Dishwasher Can Be Useful

Many of us are unaware of the term dishwasher. But it is quite common all over the globe. A dishwasher is used to clean dirty dishes, cups, utensils, etc. Did you know that a study by the University of Bonn in Germany concluded that a full dishwasher uses around 13 L water to clean 144 items? Washing the same load by hand uses an average of 100 L of water. So, buy a dishwasher right now to save water. 

If your budget doesn’t allow you to get a dishwasher, use a washing bowl as it will also help save water significantly.


Reduce Shower Time

Well! This advice needs no introduction as we all know that reducing the shower time can significantly reduce water consumption. As per different studies, the recommended bath time is 5 to 10 minutes. The average shower duration around the globe is 8.2 minutes which also falls under the recommended duration. 

Longer baths not only result in a waste of water but can also be harmful to your skin. So, be careful with your shower time from now on. 


Install Artificial Turf / Grass

This idea may not look eco-friendly. But if you want to save water bills, you can buy Artificial Turf / Grass for your compound. Natural grass needs proper watering frequently which may increase your water bill if it hardly rains in your area. So, artificial grass is one of the solutions to make your compound look natural without needing to water it. But whether it is beneficial or harmful for the environment in the longer term is still a debatable topic.


Check for Leaks

Leaks in the pipes and faucets are among the major causes of water wastage in houses. You need to get the leaks fixed as soon as you find them. Even if you wait for 2 days to get it fixed, many gallons of water would already have been wasted resulting in more water bills. 

Change Your Habits

The above-mentioned tips and tricks help reduce all utility bills. But do you know that you can reduce the bills by changing your habits? Yes! It is possible. Here are some habits you need to adapt to lower different utility bills.

  • Decrease water temperature in the geyser
  • Only turn on the heating when needed (for geysers and heaters)
  • Don’t preheat the oven
  • When the sun shines during the day, open your curtains to let the sunlight and air in. Close all your curtains at night. It is helpful in winter for avoiding the use of a heater during the day and reducing heating time at night.
  • Use thick curtains on windows (for preserving, heat in winter and cooling in summer)
  • Use carpets and floor mats which help to insulate your house
  • Serve a meal to the whole family at the same time to save electricity and gas
  • Turn the Faucet off when brushing or bathing when possible to reduce the water bill


These were some of the many tips and tricks to reduce your electricity and other utility bills at home. Some of the tricks are also applicable to business. The main thing that will help you reduce your bills is your intention and determination. You will start using these tips and tricks to reduce energy and water consumption once you are determined in doing so. 

What is your trick to lower your utility bill at your home or office? Share it with us in the comment section below.

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