A Beginner's Guide to Screen Recording on iPhone

Some would argue that it’s simpler to find the screen record feature on an Android phone than an iPhone. Whether it’s true or not, it goes without saying that you have plenty of reasons to screen record. From capturing a Facetime session to sharing a specific part of a video or explaining a document to a client or colleague, screen recording has made remote communication more effective. If you own an iPhone or an iOS device (12 and above) and are wondering how to screen record on an iPhone, keep reading.

It is rather simple to screen record on an iPhone given that you’ve taken steps to make this feature easily accessible. 

4 Simple Steps for Screen Recording on an iPhone

If you follow these four easy steps, you’ll be screen recording in no time. 

  1. Go to Settings and then find Control Center – On your home screen, open the Settings app. If you can’t find it, look for the gray logo with a cog on it. Once there, scroll down and find the Control Center. 
  1. Add Screen Recording to the Control Center – Once in the Control Center, scroll down and find Screen Recording. Now click on green + symbol and the feature will be added to the Control Center. You can use the same to create shortcuts for other tools. 
  1. Now open your Control Center – Whatever shortcuts you have created, you’ll find them in the Control Center, including that of Screen Recording. 
  1. Tap the Screen Record button – You are now all set to start recording your screen. Simply tap on the icon with a white dot in the middle circled by a white circle. Once you click on it, there’ll be a three second countdown before the icon turns red, which means the screen recording has begun. To stop, tap on the same icon again. 

That’s it. You’ve just screen recorded on an iPhone. 

How to Find Screen Recording on your iPhone? 

Once a session has been recorded, the video will be saved in the Photos app. Once here, go to Albums. Scroll down to Media Types and select Screen Recording. If you need to share the video, edit or view it, simply click on the video to access it.   

To conclude, it may not be easy for a first time iPhone user to use this feature. However, once you set up a shortcut, it’s pretty easy to screen record on your iPhone. 

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