According to Cambridge Dictionary, “Generation gap is a situation in which older and younger people don’t understand each other because of different experiences like opinion, habits and behavior”.

Generation gap is like a war between younger people and their elders. Both the generations considering each other as their enemies. But both of generations are not wrong either younger or older. A huge difference is present between them and that difference is known as generation gap. Both are right in their own way. Because both of them are talking about their era. Every generation has its new trend new opinions and views. But in current era the main difference of thinking between parents and their offspring is the use of technology. We are living in a world where technology is everything.

According to Thomas Jefferson, “Every generation needs new revolution”. If we talk about technology then everything has its Pros and cons. We as young are very well familiar about technology but our elders and parents are not accepting this. Technology has many uses but its misuses are also with it. Due to this we are forgetting our cultural and traditional demands, and we aren’t fulfilling our elder’s demands. That’s why they called this technology bad.

Having discussed technology, there are many other aspects of generation gap, as in respect. Respect is like a wall that is standing between children and their parents and that wall doesn’t develop mutual love between elder and younger people instead of developing love, that wall creates fear that isn’t a positive inspiration but a negative inspiration between both of these generations. Respect decreases the mutual love between elder and older people. For e.g.; we take a relationship of father and son its necessary for a son to respect his father and due to these formalities father and son can’t come close to each other.

As the saying goes, “If two persons are sitting together and they have nothing to say, assume that they are father and son”.

I am not saying that respect isn’t a necessary element for parents but my point of view is that, due to this respect that is based on fear, children can’t come close to their parents. Some children are very friendly with their parents but majority of children can’t convey their message and thoughts to their parents, so there is a need of mutual understanding between parents and their offspring.

If I share my personal views, we are not close to each other. The purpose of this article is that I wanted all the parents and children develop a relationship in which you respect and love each other with heart, the respect which isn’t based on fear, a relationship in which you share all your thoughts and feelings with each other.

I would like to finish by saying that parents have to develop a soft corner for their children, they have to listen them carefully. Being parents you have to understand what your children want to say you and you have to understand that what they want to convey. They need to give them space so they can walk freely and can take decisions according to their choice. They have to be at their backs. Once I was studying a book so I got a very good message “A daughter can get a lot of confidence from her father’s house, which she can never get from anywhere else in the world”.

So, being parents it’s your duty to listen up your child. And being children it’s our duty to listen our parents, respect them with heart and we should not forget our religious, cultural and traditional demands. You both have to work hard to decrease this gap. “Our Lord, forgive me and my parents and the believers the day the account is established”.

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