Pakistan Plunges Into “Darkness”

On the morning of January 23, 2023, a major power breakdown in the country’s national grid caused massive power cuts across the country, including all the major cities. While the authorities claim to be working around the clock to restore power, the relevant federal minister said “This is not a major crisis”. This is the second power breakdown of its kind in three months.

In a country like Pakistan where power cuts, also known as load shedding is commonplace, this may not be a major crisis. However, in any other country, such a thing of this scale would have been treated as a national emergency and a matter of national security. 

Beholden to a decadent power infrastructure, Pakistani society has experienced such massive power cuts before, which goes to show how dependent we are on the national power grid. The precariousness of this all further accentuates the importance of alternative sources of power and electricity like UPS, generators and the rest. However, the most economically and environmentally friendly source of energy remains solar energy. 

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Let us know your experiences during the latest nationwide power breakdown. How did it disrupt your daily life, etc. 

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