LAHORE: A laptop distribution ceremony was held under the leadership of Manzar Javed Ali, the managing director of the Punjab Education Foundation (PEF). The event was organised to recognize and honour the outstanding academic achievements of students who excelled in the 2022 matriculation examinations.

During the ceremony, laptops were awarded to five exceptional students: Khadija Fatima, Saeed Afnan Haider, Iqra Ilyas, Muhammad Fahad, and Samna Zainab. The regional director, Mazhar Abbas Khan, meticulously coordinated and supervised all the arrangements for this significant occasion.

The ceremony saw the active participation of PEF officers, school owners, dedicated teachers, and proud parents, who gathered to celebrate and acknowledge the accomplishments of these exceptional students.

Ali, the managing director, expressed his sincere wishes for the future success of the talented students and offered heartfelt prayers during the ceremony. He congratulated all the students for their exceptional performance, recognising their dedication and hard work.

Ali also extended his appreciation to the school owners associated with PEF, acknowledging their relentless efforts in providing quality education. He paid tribute to the dedicated teachers, emphasizing their pivotal role in shaping the academic journey of students.

Emphasising the purpose of the ceremony, MD PEF expressed the intent to inspire and encourage all students to continue excelling in their education.

He highlighted the active engagement of the PEF team in collaborating with various institutions as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, aiming to further enhance the quality of education for students enrolled in PEF schools.