According to the study, it was a myth of society that a woman herself provokes men for rape. And the enforcer rapes woman only when she is awful in society due to her bad behavior. At first, this culture was coined to cultivate civilization about body shaming, sexism, and rape. Soon after its introduction, people in society started creating myths to led women in a frightened state and to show them how cowardice men are encouraged to rape them.

The strong myth during all this provoking culture was:

“When a woman is raped it’s her fault.” This builds up the idea that if a woman is raped; she is raped for a reason, she can’t go to authorities.

Okay so, if we talk about the state which is the “Islamic Republic of Pakistan” where the dignity of women is high enough on which no compromise can be made, that’s what we Muslims perpetuate every single day. Every single day, we are normalizing this rape culture. We are not having enough courage to enforce legislation on these rapists. When an innocent daughter of the Pakistani state is raped, we visualize nothing but lead to t his sick vision so briskly “what the girl was wearing?” “why she went out alone?” Social media gets filled with “why, what, whom” and the psychology goes on.

Now let me tell you about the devastation of religious aspects. In 2003, a 30-year-old woman was gang-raped on the order of “Panchayat ” You can clearly detect how the panchayat culture is so influential in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. In 2005, a woman was gang-raped by the police, in order of not paying a bribe.

Moreover, in 2012, a girl at the age of 15 was raped in Dera Ghazi Khan. There are many such cases where every year an innocent angel, a girl, a woman, a grandmother is being raped, and still, there has no legal action taken by the authorities. In 2019, a 21 year s old girl was raped by a police officer in Rawalpindi.

Across the globe, the police are responsible for the safety of a citizen. But when itself, they are indulged in criminality, then to whom the victim should ask for the protection. Women face humiliation when our influence gives an edge to the perpetrators and that’s how these cases are emerging every single day.

As you can clearly get a living example from the yesterday incident where City Chief Police Officer (CCPO) Lahore gives his statement :

“Why did she choose that route? Why she was traveling alone with her children in the middle of the night?”
I’m just out of words that how unethically and brutally he burst out, these remarks showed the inflation of sick mentality.

In order to defeat this culture, it is crucial to set up an environment where survival feels fortified for not calling out the attackers. And the hashtag emerging with #hangtherapist should be enforced in a culpable manner. May there be such brilliant powers that may become the audacity for the people who are still coping up and struggling to rise above the shattered pieces, mentally or physically.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect News’ editorial stance.