Do you sometimes feel bad? Are people mean to you? Are you scared of taking chances and doing what truly makes you happy, so you often conform to other people’s opinions just to fit in? That sounds sad.

Don’t be sad. Be happy instead. Happiness is what everyone should achieve in life, while avoiding stressful situations, uncomfortable emotions, and challenging obstacles. Despite what people who actually study the human mind and behavior say, these are not things that strengthen your mindset, develop quality habits, shape your personality, and make you a stronger individual.

Some call these people scientists, some call them experts, but their real title is haters. Criticism is something very, very bad. 90% of people hate what you’re doing. It’s not important because you’re awesome. Everybody is awesome. If you’re alive, you’re awesome.

If people hate talking to you and avoid social contact, don’t think something might be wrong with you. Remember, you’re awesome just for being you. You don’t have any bad traits. There are no flaws in your behavior. There is no room for improvement.


You have an idea for a project? Thinking of writing a book? Starting a business? YouTube channel? Blog? Go for it. I’m sure it’s a unique, never been done before idea. And if you think it might suck, don’t. Your every idea is amazing because as we’ve talked, you’re awesome and criticism is bad. If you could actually learn something from criticism, it would mean that it is not necessarily bad. 

Statistics say 8/10 startups fail and that almost half of them fail because there was no market need for their product or service. In other words, nobody was interested in them in the first place. But those brave souls refused to listen to haters and kept going. The final outcome is always amazing.

Confidence is the first key of success. If you have any fear inside you of doing something then grab the courage to do that thing and then see what you will feel after doing that.


If you want to do what you love? Want to be the winner?

Let’s talk about how to actually get there. Read articles about Motivations like this every day. Read Blogs of successful people how they get this success. Watch Success stories of entrepreneurs and motivational speakers on YouTube. Do these things just do it!  Otherwise, you won’t have the mental strength to achieve what you want. I mean, all those successful people’s vision and dedication are surely not enough to motivate them. Simply wanting it is not enough, you need people to tell you that you want it.

“Life isn’t about learning from mistakes, it’s about disregarding the notion of a “mistake”. Because you’re awesome.“

  • Ali Sarmad Kazmi is Business Graduate from Bahria University. He is interested in writing on social issues of Pakistan.

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